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Product FAQ

We have some special plastic venturis and nozzles,can you produce as our sample?

Yes,we can accept some customized order for the powder coating guns and pumps. That is no matter which brand of your parts.1. You should send us the photos for reference at fist, tell us the size and material. If you have a product drawing is much better,then we can know it well.if you do not kown the correct materil,that is no problem,we can find it by a preliminary judgment.2. If that is produced by mould,the mould will be much expensive.So only big quantity order can do by this way. If that can be produced by the CNC machine,then that is much easy for us,the small order also can accept.3. Then please sample to us,after we get it ,we will analyze the material and produce as your request.For some small venturil and nozzles, usually our minimum order is 200pcs,for big items the smallest quantity should be at least 50pcs,for some other complex items such as electrode holders,the minimum order quantity should be by final calculate.4. After you pay the order,then start to produce them, the delivery time usually need around 10-50 days . 

We are from Russia,how we can pay to you and can we pay by RMB yuan?

We know now the Russian clients have some trouble for paying.We can accept pay by yuan. You can issue payment by TT bank,personal bank or from other personal account in China and pay to us.

Do you accept the customized order?

We are very prfessional supplier for the powder coating guns and parts for more than 13 years,we sell many kinds of different parts to all over the world more than 50 countries.We have do more orders for customers special request on customized products.Such as some venturis,powder tubes,nozzles and electrode holders ...For the powder spray nozzles,when you supply the sample to us ,we will analysis  the material at first,and then give you a corret pirce and the minimum order quantity, For the powder transfer feed pump injectors venturi,we need you supply the original samples or send us the darwing.We should confirm the size and material at first,then we can give you a correct price and the minimum order quantity.We also can produce the tribomatic spray nozzles at any type with teflon material.For the powder tubes,we can make the inner diameter and outer diameter and also the length as your request.The longest powder tube we have make is 1750mm for the automatic spray guns.For other parts,if you have special request please contact us freely.

Such as the metallic powder,so is that the teflon material venturi will be wear down quickly?

If you use common thermosetting powder for spraying and your working time is not so long each day, the pure teflon material venturi is enough .If you use special powder such as the metallic powder ,or your spraying working time is too lone each day,maybe the pure teflon venturi will be wear out quickly. So if  you want the venturis are more wear-resisting than teflon material,we recommend our high quality material-- teflon+ceramic,this material working life time is even double than the pure teflon material,because the ceramic fiber material hardness is more bigger.After continuous improvement of the formula and long-term experimental demonstration, we finally choose an optimal ratio to mix the materials. This material has been used for a long time by a large number of customers and has become the preferred material for more customers. Although the price is higher than the average Teflon,but it is the best value . And it can save much time and power to change the venturis constantly.So if the teflon material can not meet your request,please choose the cermaic.

How many meters per roll of your grounding powder hose?

For the size 10mm*15mm, the minimum order is 1000 meters,we can produce the packing by any length you want,such as 60m/roll or 100m/roll,all are no problem.For the size 11mm*16mm,the packing is 60m/roll and 100m/roll with two grounding lines . Another is 100m/roll with single grounding lines.If you order more than 1000 meters we can make the packing length as your request.For the size13mm*19mm,the packing is 60m/roll with single or two grounding lines,if you order more than 1000 meters we can make the packing length as your request.For the size 19mm*26mm ,the packing is 50m/roll with single grounding line.If you order more than 1000 meters we can make the packing length as you request.For the size 25mm*32mm,the packing is 20m/roll.If you order more than 500 meters,we can make the packing length as your request.For other size of the ground powder transfer hose,if you need special inner or outer diameter,please contact us freely,then we will check if we can produe them by customized.If you want some special logos that print on the hose,we also can make.

Can I get a free spare parts sample?

For some small wear parts such as powder pump venturis,spray gun nozzles,paint gun electrode,small connectors,powder hose( within 1 meter),air hose (within 1 meter),o rings and some outer nuts,we can supply free samples by the quantity 1-5pcs ,the  courier cost should be paid by client collection.But for some other powder gun parts, such as the complete powder spray guns,the high voltage cascades,the powder transfer pumps,the controllers,the powder hoppers,the parts with PCB,thread sleeves ...the trial order should be paid at first, because that kind of parts material cost is too high and we can not afford the cost.For some customized spare parts,the sample fee is also should be paid at first and they will also have some different minimum order quantity to produce.For example, the insert sleeve venturi,when we get the sample,we will analysis the material and then quote the price and minimum order quantity to you such as 100pcs or 50pcs,then you pay the total amount to us,we start to produce them.

Are your powder coating gun spare parts the Gema,Wagner or Nordson original?

All of our spare parts are not these brands OEM original,they are only the replacement,but they can fit well with original equipment .You only need tell us the original code of on manual or send us the item photo, we can supply the correct part to you.For the product material,we use pure high quality and some even better than originals.For example the venturi,we can produce by teflon and we also research and development the teflon with ceramic mixed material, that is much wear-resisting and workig life is more long.All of our items size are even same with original,so they can fit well to original guns. Ofcourse we also can adjust some size by your request such as venturi hole size (bigger or smaller,longer or shorter),the powder tube length,the tribomatic sprayhead widths include tubes quantity,the spray nozzles size ,material and so on.The high voltage cascade working technical data are some with original,so it can work well with the controllers.The cables length can be customized by your request.